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My Doula Philosophy

"What's your philosophy as a Doula?"

This is a question I get asked at almost every single consultation.

My answer is this: My goal as your Doula, is to support you throughout your entire pregnancy by providing you with evidence based resources, physical, and emotional support, so that you can have the birth experience that you are looking for.

I believe in supporting my client with whatever preferences they have for their birth.

I believe in educating my clients so that they can make the best informed decision for themselves.

I want my clients to feel confident.

I want them to feel empowered.

I want them to feel secure in their decisions and the people they have supporting them.

I want to help facilitate conversations between doctors, nurses and my client.

I want to make sure consent is given.

I'm not in the business of changing people's minds about their preferences.

If my client wants an epidural, I will make sure to run through all the pros and cons of that decision, educate them on what to expect, and explain the different positions I can still put them in, when they are laying in bed, to make sure labor keeps progressing.

If my client wants a c-section, once again, I'll run through the pros and cons, educate them on what to expect, and promise to continue to stay for the whole process, even if I'm not granted permission in the OR. (However, I have learned that if your client wants you in there bad enough, and demands it, the hospital staff will make it happen).

The same concept applies for when my client wants a home birth, birth center birth, or schedules an induction. Whatever my client wants, I will make sure to support them through the entire experience.

The biggest thing for me is education. If you make sure your client is educated on labor and birth, it will provide them with the confidence that their choices are the best ones for them.

I believe in listening to my client and believing them when they tell me that their body feels a certain way. Only they know what they are feeling physically and emotionally. I'm going to believe them when they say "I feel xyz." I will never, ever, ever dismiss the way they are feeling.

The bottom line is this: I want my clients to feel educated, confident, supported and secure.

I have a healthy balance between knowing and observing that people have been birthing babies naturally for hundreds of years without interventions; while at the same time, respecting medicine and recognizing that a medical intervention might be necessary if the health of my client and their child depends on it.

Listen, birth is not scary. However, it's also not easy. Everyone's body is different. I never ever ever want my client to feel judgement for the decisions they made throughout their pregnancy and birth.

Non-biased, judgement-free, evidence based care is what you'll receive from me.

If this is the kind of support you are looking for, contact me. Let's chat.

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