Doula Support Services

Pregnant Belly

Birthing Support

I am committed to assisting birthing individuals so that they experience a positive birth and transition into parenthood. We'll begin our journey with 1-2 prenatal visits that will provide you with resources for education, comfort measures, and pain coping techniques. Throughout your labor, I will be there to empower you to advocate for yourself so that you may have a safe and positive birth journey.

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Postpartum Support

The support you receive in the days after bringing your baby home are some of the most important moments for rest, healing, and connecting with your newborn. I will provide you with consistent support throughout the first 4-6 weeks you are home. 

Miscarriage, Loss, and All Pregnancy Outcomes

Non-judgmental compassionate care through all stages of pregnancy including loss and termination. I will be by your side to provide you with resources, as well as physical and emotional support throughout your experience. My goal is to make sure you feel safe and that your mind, body, and personal wishes are honored.

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Prenatal Childcare and Nannying

Need a little extra support with your children before the new baby comes? Looking for a nanny once you have to go back to work? I provide childcare support for whatever your needs might be. 

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Maternity Yoga Online from Home

Pre/Postnatal Fitness

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Playful and Fitness