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My Clients Say...

An image of Lindsay holding a newborn baby. She is wearing a pink t-shirt and black leggings. Her hair is green and orange. The baby is wrapped in a white blanket and has a pink hat on. She is in a birthing room at The Coit House.
As a first time mom, my provider required that I have a doula for my unmedicated birth and I immediately reached out to Lindsay. I knew she was a passionate, caring, and a well informed doula so, I was eager to have her on our journey. Lindsay had a perfect balance of communication. She reached out frequently to check in on me to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. That communication let me know she was open to me reaching out whenever I needed her. My labor was long. Lindsay was there for every step, showing up and staying overnight to help me through contractions while I rested on my own bed. Even when I sent her home for rest, she was communicating with me and my family. My mom wasn’t with me during my labor but was calling to check in frequently, ultimately stressing my husband and I out. Lindsay stepped up and handled my mother’s growing concern and worry with such grace, that my mother calmed down and gave me the space I needed to continue with my plan uninterrupted. With my labor being so long (over 30 hours) there were times I wanted to give in and go to the hospital. Lindsay’s support and encouragement was never judgmental and she ultimately gave me the strength to continue with my plan. That support, along with my excellent care from my provider, I was able to have a successful unmedicated birth and deliver a healthy baby girl. Postpartum, she has been wonderful and has maintained the same amazing communication I valued during my pregnancy. She has given me information regarding my pelvic floor and has come over to help talk through sleep schedules with my newborn. She’s also just a text away for a friendly ear or uplifting comment that I may need that day. Lindsay was/is an amazing doula. I hope to keep her in our lives for years to come.

Mara M.

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